The Golden Temple - The Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, meaning "abode of God"  is a gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. It is the preeminent spiritual site of Sikhism. The Golden Temple is spiritually the most significant shrine in Sikhism. The Golden Temple is an open house of worship for all men and women, from all walks of life and faith, with four entrances. Over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship. 

“Sewa and Simran ~ Selfless service and Meditating in the name of god” ~ Two aspects of Sikhi which are fundamental to a devotee of this faith

The Golden Temple Painted by Babbuthepainter

Punjabi Calligraphy Painted by Aadil Abedi

20” x 20”

Acrylic on Canvas

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