Tunnel Vision

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‎قَرارْ• qaraar • /qərɑr/ • (noun, masc.) • tranquility, that feeling when you’re at ease or have found peace ; dwelling ; agreement or settlement between two parties/people

Intimate shapes - 'Geometric lines meet Aadil Abedi's signature motif. Inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic. An intimate exploration of paint and linen fabric. Come experience this new collection with Aadil.

Each piece is hand painted, with a processing time of 12 - 17 business days. Ready to hang. All of our shipments are fulfilled with UPS. After purchase you will be notified of order received, and another follow up email when the painting is shipped with shipping information. For any other inquiries of the process please email: info@aadilabedi.com

Hand painted original by Aadil Abedi

Acrylic on linen canvas

“Intimate Shapes"


(Domestic orders will be shipped stretched - International orders will be shipped rolled)