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This limited edition table lamp is a one of a kind, hand made porcelain ring from the 'Ted Bradley Studio'. Coupled with Aadil Abedi's signature calligraphy script, this is truly a collectors item. Made from a specially formulated porcelain that is among the
brightest white in the world.

The inscription is a line of Rumi poetry - 'In your light, I learn how to love' with a darkened bronze metal base. The sculpture is inspired by a solar eclipse - one of nature’s most visually powerful phenomena. There is no switch for the lamp - it is turned on, off, and dimmed with a gentle touch. 

Each ring is carefully formed by a master ceramicist and dried over a period of several weeks. As a final step, the rings are sanded smooth and then coated with a thin layer of glaze. 

The LED lights we use are among the highest quality available in the industry. They have near perfect color accuracy, which ensures your space is clear, bright, and appears as it would in natural light.